Scarlet Witch’s MCU Fate is Confirmed

Scarlet Witch’s MCU Fate Elizabeth Olsen’s role as the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be coming to an end, according to footage from the Disney+ series Agatha All Along. The upcoming show, which stars Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness, appears to have confirmed the Scarlet Witch’s fate. While everything we know about Agatha All Along indicates that the show will focus on the consequences of the end of WandaVision, including Agatha’s imprisonment by Wanda, it now appears that events from Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness will also be relevant to the series’ plot.

Agatha All Along was confirmed following the release of WandaVision in 2021, and it has since sparked speculation. The series is overseen by WandaVision creator and Black Widow co-writer Jac Schaeffer, and it has undergone several title changes since its announcement, including Coven of Chaos and Darkhold Diaries, among other Agatha-related titles. Following several delays and a shift in Marvel’s streaming television strategy, the series, starring Patti LuPone and Audrey Plaza, is finally set to premiere.

Scarlet Witch’s MCU death is confirmed in Agatha All Along footage

At an event for TV advertisers known as upfronts, Disney and Marvel showed the first Agatha All Along trailer to the audience. It has not been released online; only a description of the footage is currently available (via IGN). According to the trailer, Agatha plays a detective who is struggling with the details of a murder case. Before her is a document listing deaths, including one for W. Maximoff, who died on October 13th. The trailer then shows Agatha and the other witches discussing the future of her coven.

Wanda’s death now hangs over Agatha in significant ways as she works to rebuild her coven and reclaim her abilities. Following the events of WandaVision, which emphasized the Scarlet Witch’s significance in the world of witchcraft, it appears that Agatha still has a lot to learn from what Wanda left behind. According to the trailer, Wanda’s death and how it has affected Agatha, her ties to Westview, and the state of her abilities will be explored in the series, which premieres on September 18.

Scarlet Witch’s death in the Multiverse of Madness was confirmed in the official timeline

Marvel has confirmed Wanda Maximoff’s death in the MCU in a variety of ways. While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made no indication that Wanda survived after being crushed by the rocks of Mount Wungadore in the film’s climax, astute viewers have discovered that any death that does not appear directly onscreen in the MCU is inconclusive. Even if fans wanted to hold out hope, Marvel officially confirmed Scarlet Witch’s death in a 2023 timeline book for the MCU. All of this implies that her ending was intended exactly as it appeared.

After a cinematic history that began in Avengers: Age of Ultron and continued through the franchise with Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and her own WandaVision series, the Scarlet Witch’s story appears to have come to an end. This has been difficult for audiences to accept because the character’s humor, charm, spirit, and dynamism were so successfully displayed throughout WandaVision’s decade-hopping sitcom structure, only to be followed by a heel turn in Multiverse of Madness. It’s difficult to accept that this beloved character will never be able to atone for her terrible actions.

Can Scarlet Witch return to the MCU despite her death?

Scarlet Witch could make a comeback to the MCU at some point if Vision is able to survive his final demise in Infinity War. It has been demonstrated through the trajectories of Phil Coulson, Gamora, Loki, and other MCU characters that characters can make a comeback from the dead. It’s not clear if this would be the best course of action because some of these returns are more successful than others. Having said that, WandaVision has helped the character become more popular than ever, so it is disappointing that she passed away so soon after.

Agatha might have to resurrect Wanda because witchcraft has always been so important to her and because the latest trailer makes mention of Wanda’s power over Agatha. Other than that, the MCU has demonstrated a willingness to introduce different character incarnations through the use of time travel and multiversal storytelling. It’s indisputable how important the Scarlet Witch has been to Elizabeth Olsen’s career, even though she has stated her desire to explore other characters. Even if the hero did not return to the MCU for a while, it would still be surprising.

WandaVision offered a fascinating glimpse into the MCU’s spiritual side, and when Agatha All Along comes out in September, it will return to those aspects. Examining the effects of Scarlet Witch’s spell on Westview will help put the devastation she inflicted on the town’s defenseless citizens in perspective. Sadly, since Wanda’s passing now seems final, the loose ends of her story will only be investigated by the people she has left behind. As her effects are examined in Agatha All Along and Vision Quest, her memory will always hold special significance.

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