Top 10 Easy Exercises for Your Energetic Devon Rex at Home

The Devon Rex is a unique and lively cat breed known for its playful nature and boundless energy. If you have a Devon Rex, you know that keeping them entertained and exercised is crucial for their happiness and health. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy exercises you can do at home to keep your Devon Rex active and engaged. Let’s explore the top 10 exercises that will help your energetic Devon Rex burn off energy and stay fit.

Interactive Play with Feather Toys

One of the simplest and most effective ways to exercise your Devon Rex is through interactive play with feather toys. These toys mimic the movements of birds, tapping into your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Wave the feather toy around, let it dart and flutter, and watch your Devon Rex leap and pounce with joy. It’s like a mini safari in your living room!

Laser Pointer Chase

A laser pointer is a fantastic tool to get your Devon Rex moving. The elusive red dot intrigues most cats and encourages them to chase it around. Move the laser pointer in unpredictable patterns to keep your cat guessing and engaged. It’s like a high-speed game of tag that provides excellent exercise.

Climbing and Scratching Posts

Devon Rex cats love to climb and explore. Investing in a multi-level cat tree or scratching post can provide hours of entertainment and exercise. These structures not only satisfy their climbing instincts but also help keep their claws in good condition. Think of it as their personal jungle gym, offering both fun and fitness.

Tunnel Exploration

Cat tunnels are a hit with many feline friends, including the Devon Rex. These collapsible tunnels can be set up in various configurations, providing endless exploration opportunities. Hide treats or toys inside to encourage your cat to dive in and explore. It’s like setting up an obstacle course that keeps their curiosity and muscles engaged.

Fetch Games

Believe it or not, some Devon Rex cats enjoy playing fetch, much like dogs. Use small, lightweight toys that your cat can easily carry in their mouth. Throw the toy and watch your cat chase it down and (hopefully) bring it back to you. It’s a fun way to bond with your cat while giving them a good workout.

Food Puzzle Toys

Food puzzle toys are excellent for stimulating your Devon Rex’s mind and body. These toys require your cat to figure out how to release the treats or kibble inside. The challenge keeps them occupied and makes them work for their food, providing both mental and physical exercise. It’s like solving a tasty puzzle that rewards them with treats.

Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek with your Devon Rex can be a lot of fun. Hide behind a door or piece of furniture and call your cat’s name. When they find you, give them lots of praise and maybe a treat. This game engages their senses and encourages movement around the house. It’s a playful way to interact and exercise together.

Automated Cat Toys

Automated cat toys are designed to move on their own, mimicking the movements of small animals. These toys can keep your Devon Rex entertained for hours, especially when you’re busy or not at home. It’s like having a robotic playmate that never gets tired, providing constant stimulation and exercise.

Training Sessions

Training sessions can be a great way to exercise your Devon Rex while also teaching them new tricks. Use clicker training and positive reinforcement to teach your cat to sit, stay, or jump through hoops. The mental and physical activity involved in training sessions is beneficial for their overall well-being. It’s like sending your cat to school, where they learn and play at the same time.

Bubble Play

Blowing bubbles for your Devon Rex to chase is a simple yet highly entertaining exercise. Many cats are fascinated by bubbles and will jump and pounce to catch them. Use pet-safe bubble solutions to ensure it’s safe if your cat happens to pop one in their mouth. It’s like a magical, floating wonderland that keeps them active and happy.


Keeping your energetic Devon Rex entertained and exercised at home doesn’t have to be complicated. With these ten easy exercises, you can ensure your cat stays healthy, happy, and engaged. From interactive play with feather toys to training sessions and bubble play, there’s a variety of activities to suit every Devon Rex’s personality and preferences. So, get creative, have fun, and enjoy the special bond you share with your playful feline friend.


How often should I play with my Devon Rex?

Aim for at least 30 minutes of active playtime each day to keep your Devon Rex happy and healthy.

What type of toys are best for a Devon Rex?

Toys that mimic prey, like feather wands and laser pointers, are great. Also, consider interactive toys that stimulate their hunting instincts.

Can I leave my Devon Rex alone with automated toys?

Yes, automated toys are generally safe to leave with your cat, but always supervise initially to ensure your cat uses them safely.

How can I keep my Devon Rex mentally stimulated?

Food puzzle toys and training sessions are excellent ways to keep their minds active and engaged.

What should I do if my Devon Rex doesn’t seem interested in playing?

Try different types of toys and activities to find what excites them. Sometimes, rotating toys can renew their interest.

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